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Roman Catholic Frequently Asked Questions

Many members of Christ Episcopal Church in Rolla,MO came to our church from the Roman Catholic faith.  Below are some of the questions they asked before joining.

How is the Episcopal Church like the Roman Catholic church?

We have bishops, priests, deacons, seven sacraments, weekly communion, saints, monks and nuns. We celebrate familiar church seasons and feasts. We believe the same Nicene and Apostles creeds. We believe that the communion bread is Jesus’ Body and Blood. Our bishops are in the same unbroken line of succession from St. Peter as Roman Catholic bishops. We are very proud of our catholic heritage. And because we are so similar, a large percentage of our members come from Roman Catholic backgrounds. Families from mixed denominational backgrounds have always found a particularly comfortable home in the Episcopal Church.

Does the Episcopal Church allow divorced people to take communion?

Yes. Any baptized person, of any age – including children – is welcome to take communion at our altar.

Does the Episcopal Church allow divorce and remarriage?

We recognize that sometimes marriages die, dissolving the sacramental bond between the couple. Divorced persons are allowed to remarry in the church with the permission of the bishop upon recommendation of the priest who does the couple’s premarital counseling.

What is the Episcopal Church’s position on birth control?

We believe it is a decision best made prayerfully by a couple in consultation with their physician.

Do clergy have to be celibate in the Episcopal Church?

 No. We have both married and celibate bishops, priests and deacons.

Does the Episcopal Church recognize the authority of the Pope?

We respect him as the leader of the Roman Catholic church, but he has no authority over churches in the Anglican Communion. Authority in Episcopal Churches is jointly exercised by lay and ordained people. Bishops are elected, and each congregation can choose its own priest.

What is the position of women in the Episcopal Church?

 Women have complete equality with men in the Episcopal Church. Women can hold any leadership or ministry position in the Episcopal Church. In fact, the previous Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church was a woman.


What is the position of LGBT people in the Episcopal Church?

The official policy of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri is complete equality, which Christ Episcopal Church in Rolla fully embraces.

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