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Children and Youth

Nash and Memphis dressed up as St. Francis of Assisi for All Saint's Day on November 7, 2021

All Hallows Eve- Parishioners were encouraged to come in their halloween costumes

Casey and his son helping with the collection plate.

Rev. Mary set up a kids table and made her famous Jack- o- lantern cake for All Hallows Eve service.

The Robertson boys enjoying food from the kids table

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Children's Soft Space

Two soft spaces are set up in the back of the church. This space is designed to let children play during church, while the parents are able to participate in the service.


Parishioner Brooke Manthei commented on Facebook, "The boys are loving the soft space. I love it. I can either sit in a chair, on the floor, or in the bean bag with the kids and participated in church and no one thinks twice." 

Positive comments have been made by other church members as well.

Christ Church is welcoming to all member and children are encourage to participate in service.

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