Position Description


Position: ORGANIST


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Provides organ/piano music for worship service and other special gatherings. Enhance the service of worship with appropriate music which assists the congregation in praising and serving God.



  1. Provides organ/piano music for worship services.

  2. Establishes a worshipful, positive feeling and movement in the worship service through selection of music appropriate to worship themes.

  3. Provide Sunday Hymn selection at least one month in advance.

  4. Provides music for other occasions, as requested, such as weddings, funerals, celebrations, etc.

  5. Provides accompaniment for Wednesday evening choir rehearsals.

  6. Coordinates/cooperates with the choir director.

  7. Coordinates/cooperates with the Rector and office staff.

  8. Establishes objectives annually and periodically reports progress toward attaining objectives.

  9. Continues to grow in musicianship.

  10. Performs other related duties as may be requested or required.




  1. Knowledge of church music and organ repertoire for church services.

  2. Choir rehearsal techniques.

  3. Ability to:

    1. Play organ and piano proficiently.

    2. Sight-read music.

    3. Play a wide variety of hymns and transpose hymns as required.

    4. Improvise.

    5. Accompany both soloists and choirs in rehearsals and services.

    6. Prepare and play prelude, offertory, and postlude.

    7. Work cooperatively with others – adults, youth and children, and staff.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Administratively responsible to the Rector.

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