The Church Vestry is responsible for the property of the Church, for the regulating of all its temporal concerns and for the support of the Rector. The Vestry are the agents and legal representatives of the Church in all matters concerning its corporate property. The spiritual concerns of the Church are under the exclusive direction of the Rector in accordance with the authority and laws of the Diocese.

The Vestry is made up of nine elected members and two ex officio members, the Church Treasurer and the Rector who chairs the meetings.

The term of Vestry members is 3 years. The Vestry consists of three groups of three Vestry members. Each group is elected to staggered three year terms. At each Annual Meeting, the Parish Members elect three Vestry members to three year terms.

Candidates for Vestry positions are reported through the Nominating Committee; however nominations can also be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Each Vestry member is assigned the organization and operation of an important function of the church. Below are the current Vestry members and their responsibilities:

Senior Warden

Don Brown

Junior Warden, Property Committee Chair

Dave Leonard


Frieda Carstens


George Morawski

Outreach, Mission, and Evangelism Committee Chair

Judi Morawski

Christian Education/Youth Committee Co-Chairs

Frieda Carstens

Gill Worsey

Planned Giving Committee Chair

Walt Eversman

Parish Life Committee

Verne Jones

Stewardship Committee

Ted Read

Worship Committee

Rev. Dr. Aune J. Strom