Journey of Faith
On hiatus until September, 2015

Sunday School for Christ Episcopal's youth ages 4 and up will use the Workshop Rotation Model whereby students gain an in-depth understanding of Biblical events, Christian precepts, and Bible literacy through different mediums. Workshops include but are not limited to: art, cooking, drama, storytelling, music, video, prayer/spirituality, and liturgics.

Hikers: Ages 4-6
Climbers: Ages 7-9
Trekkers: Ages 10-12
Tour Guides: Ages 13+ Teaching Assistants or Leading Group Discussions

For more information please contact Lacey Eyberg.



Creating A Sacred Space

Let them make a sanctuary for me so I may live among them.
— Exodus 28:8-9


  • To create in our youth a sense of ownership on the Youth Level
  • To know where Exodus is in The Bible and what it means.

Prayer/Spirituality: "Praying in Color"
Drama: St. Michael Skit
Art: Creating art to decorate Youth Level


To Be Announced


September 7: Registration
September 14: 1st Day of Rotation

  • Hikers: Prayer/Spirituality Workshop in Youth Chapel
  • Climbers: Drama Workshop in common area on Youth Level
  • Trekkers: Creation Station in classroom #2

September 21:

  • Hikers: Drama Workshop in common area on Youth Level
  • Climbers: Creation Station in classroom #2
  • Trekkers: Prayer/Spirituality Workshop in Youth Chapel

September 28:

  • Hikers: Creation Station in classroom #2
  • Climbers: Prayer/Spirituality Workshop in Youth Chapel
  • Trekkers:Drama Workshop in common area on Youth Level