Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee ensures that opportunities are provided for social interaction among parishioners, both in and outside of church. Given that Episcopalians provide and enjoy great meals, many of our events revolve around food. We enjoy a coffee hour after the 10 a.m. service. Some of the other events are:

  • The Wine and Cheese Epiphany Celebration occurs on January 6 after a service, either in church or at a parishioner’s home.
  • The Chili Cook­ Off is usually held in a local residential clubhouse. Six or seven parishioners volunteer to make their favorite chili. Everyone votes for their favorite one. Parish Life members bring the chili toppings, salads, bread and beverages.
  • The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner has a Mardi Gras type theme with plenty of pancakes and sausage. It is usually held at 6pm in the Parish Hall with a small fee to cover the cost.
  • Easter Brunch follows the 10 am service. Ham is usually provided with parishioners bringing a dish to share.
  • An Annual Picnic occurs in June each year. Everyone brings a dish to share. This picnic is sometimes held in St. James Park in conjunction with Trinity Church or in an outdoor setting at a parishioner’s home.

  • Several Hearth and Home events occur each year, usually at 5pm on a Sunday evening. A parishioner volunteers to host. The host furnishes beverages with parishioners bringing hearty hor d’oeuvres to share.

  • The Fall Welcome Back occurs in September after a joint service. Parish Life and parishioners provide food to share. It is to welcome new people as well as students. It also welcomes back parishioners who have been away for the summer.

  • The Greening of the Church occurs on a Friday in early December beginning about 4 pm. There is a large artificial Chirstmas tree to assemble and decorate, wreaths with Advent bows to be hung as well as greenery. Children are especially welcome at this event. A chili, cornbread, etc. dinner follows the work.

  • A Thanksgiving and Christmas Day dinner as part of the Outreach program.

For more information contact Don Brown.