A parishioner, usually an older child or teen, who assists ordained and licensed ministers at worship services. The ministry of acolyte is one of service. Duties of acolytes may include: lighting altar candles, carrying torches in procession, serving the clergy who prepare the elements for communion, carrying the processional cross, assisting the clergy when incense is used in a service, and bearing banners. At Christ Church, any parishioner who is 9 years or older is welcome to join the acolyte guild. Acolytes are trained/mentored by a team of senior acolytes, clergy and adult parishioners in the necessary knowledge, roles, and responsibilities of being an acolyte. Training involves education in: liturgical terms, presence and prayer, the order of the Book of Common Prayer services, behavioral expectations, and the ministry of service as an outgrowth of our Baptismal Covenant.

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